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Plastic Spur Gear- 25 teeth, 6 mm circular shaft-HIGH QUALITY


Plastic Spur Gear

  • The spur gear prefered for tiny robotic end effectors.
  • Used in transmitting powers between parallel shafts.
  • Number of tooth : 25
  • Colour : Yellow
  • Size : 4 cm x 1.2 cm
  • Materia l: Nylon
  • Package contains : new 25 tooth spur gear with 1 screw.

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Plastic Spur Gear- 25 teeth, 6 mm circular shaft

Gear is a rotating part of the mechanical system, which helps in transmission of the power between parallel shafts. Gears are omnipresent without gears the mechanical system could not be imagined. It has cogs or cut teeth, which mess with another gear or tooth and transmits torque. It can change the torque, direction, and speed of a device. The plastic spur gear is used in robotic applications such as the end effector of the robotic arm, toy cars etc. 


  • Number of tooth 28
    Gear type spur(circular)
    colour yellow
    size 4✕1.2cm
    material nylon
    Package contains Spur gear with 1 screw


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