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Ceramic Disc Capacitor Pack of 5

  • Capacitor Type – Ceramic
  • Has a high range of capacitance value starting from 10pF to 3.3uF
  • Has a high range of voltage value starting from 16V to 450V
  • Can withstand a maximum of 105°C temperature



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Ceramic Disc Capacitor

capacitor is a device that stores electrical energy in an electric field. It is a passive electronic component with two terminals.

The effect of a capacitor is known as capacitance. While some capacitance exists between any two electrical conductors in proximity in a circuit, a capacitor is a component designed to add capacitance to a circuit. The capacitor was originally known as a condenser or condensator. ( Click here for wide range of Capacitors).

The capacitor is a passive component that can store a charge (Q). This charge (Q) will be a product of the value of capacitance (C) and the voltage (V) applied to it. The value of the capacitance and Voltage of a capacitor will be mentioned on its label.

Hence the amount of charge a capacitor can be found using the value of Voltage (V) and Capacitance (C) of the capacitor.

C = Q×V

The value of a ceramic capacitance will not be directly mentioned on the capacitor. There will always be a three-digit number followed by a variable; let’s learn how to identify the value using these numbers. Consider the following capacitor.


these three digits are split into two digits and the third one is the multiplier. In this case, 68 is the digit and 3 is the multiplier. So 68 should be multiplied with 10^3. Simply put it is 68 followed by 3 zeros. Hence the value of this capacitor will be 68000 pF. Notice the unit should always be pF. Similarly, a capacitor with 220 code means it is 22 Pico farad since 10^0 is 0.

The voltage rating of the capacitor can be found by using the line under this code. If there is a line then the voltage value is 50/100V if there is no line then it is 500V.

The most commonly used capacitor values along with their conversion in Pico Farad, Nano Farad, and microfarad is given below.

Code Picofarad (pF) Nanofarad (nF) Microfarad (uF)
100 10 0.01 0.00001
150 15 0.015 0.000015
220 22 0.022 0.000022
330 33 0.033 0.000033
470 47 0.047 0.000047
331 330 0.33 0.00033
821 820 0.82 0.00082
102 1000 1.0 0.001
152 1500 1.5 0.0015
202 2000 2.0 0.002
502 5000 5.0 0.005
103 10000 10 0.01
683 68000 68 0.068
104 100000 100 0.1
154 150000 150 0.15
334 330000 330 0.33
684 680000 680 0.68
105 1000000 1000 1.0
335 3300000 3300 3.3

Pin Configuration


The Ceramic Capacitors have no polarity. Meaning they can be connected in any direction. They are breadboard friendly and can be easily used on a perf board also. The symbol for a ceramic capacitor is just two plain lines as shown above since they do not have any polarity.

Ceramic Capacitor Features

  • Capacitor Type – Ceramic
  • Has a high range of capacitance value starting from 10pF to 3.3uF
  • Has a high range of voltage value starting from 16V to 450V
  • Can withstand a maximum of 105°C temperature


  • Filter circuits like High/Low pass filter etc.
  • Remove noise from a circuit
  • Smoothing ripples in converters
  • Fading LED circuits
  • Resonant circuits.
  • Decoupling and bypass circuits

Package Includes :

1 x Ceramic Disc Capacitor Pack of 5


Operating Temperature Min -55°C
Capacitor Terminals Radial Leaded
Operating Temperature Max 105°C
Voltage Rating 1kV
Product Range 562R Series
Range of Capacitance 10pF to 3.3uF
Lead Spacing 6.4mm
Capacitance Tolerance ± 10%
Packaging Each
Dielectric Characteristic X5F


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