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2N3906 0.2A Bipolar General Purpose PNP Transistor (Pack of 3)


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2N3906 PNP Transistor

The 2N3906 is a commonly used PNP bipolar junction transistor intended for general purpose low-power amplifying or switching applications. It is designed for low electric current and power and medium voltage and can operate at moderately high speeds. ( Click for wide range of Transistors).

2N3906 is a PNP transistor hence the collector and emitter will be closed (Forward biased) when the base pin is held at ground and will be opened (Reverse biased) when a signal is provided to base pin. This is where a PNP transistor differs from an NPN transistor, a Logic state (blue color) is used to toggle between Ground and Signal Voltage (Emitter-Base Voltage VBE) as shown below

2N3906 has a gain value of 110 to 300, this value determines the amplification capacity of the transistor. The maximum amount of current that could flow through the Collector pin is 200mA, hence we cannot connect loads that consume more than 200mA using this transistor. To bias a transistor we have to supply current to base pin, this current (IB) should be limited to 5mA.

When this transistor is fully biassed then it can allow a maximum of 200mA to flow across the collector and emitter. This stage is called Saturation Region and the typical voltage allowed across the Collector-Emitter (V­CE) or Base-Emitter (VBE) could be 40 and 5 V respectively. When base current is removed the transistor becomes fully off, this stage is called the Cut-off Region and the Base Emitter voltage could be around 5V.

The 2N3906 is a commonly used PNP transistor. It very much similar to the bc557 transistor except for that it has a high collector to emitter voltage and hence high voltage loads can be toggled. This transistor has only a gain value of 300, hence not suitable for amplifier circuits.

So if you looking for a PNP transistor that could switch high voltage loads within 0.2A then this 2N3906 transistor might be the right choice for you.

Pin Configuration:
















Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 Emitter Current Drains out through emitter
2 Base Controls the biasing of transistor
3 Collector Current flows in through collector


  • Bi-Polar PNP Transistor
  • DC Current Gain (hFE) is 300 maximum
  • Continuous Collector current (IC) is 200mA
  • Emitter Base Voltage (VBE) is 5V
  • Base Current(IB) is 5mA maximum
  • Collector-Emitter Voltage (VCE) is 40V
  • Collector Base Voltage (VCB) is 40V
  • Available in To-92 Package


  • Used to switch high voltage low current loads
  • Optimal for loads with high peak voltage up to 40V
  • It is used in the various switching applications.
  • Used in inverter and converter circuits
  • Used for making siren or dual Led or Lamp flasher.
  • It can be used in Darlington Pair.

Package Includes :

1 x 2N3906 0.2A Bipolar General Purpose PNP Transistor (Pack of 3)


Collector-Base Voltage (Vcb)  40V
Collector-Emitter Voltage (Vce)  40V
Emitter-Base Voltage (Veb)  5V
Collector Current (IC) 200m
Junction Temperature (°C) 150
Storage condition -65°C to +150°C
Length (mm) 4.5
Width (mm) 3.5
Height (mm) 19
Weight (gm) 1 (approx) (each)




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